What to pin in April 2020

You’re probably here to see what’s trending on Pinterest this April, right? Well, we have some tips for you for sure! But first, I want to mention how different of an April this one is. While were in the midst of this whole Covid-19/Coronavirus mayhem, you might want to adjust some of your content for April

However, I do think that regular ole’ April things (like Easter and Gardening) will do pretty good on Pinterest, too! 

Pinterest is a great place for people to come to plan ahead. So I always try to recommend you start pinning things a few months out! Keep that in mind when you read through the list. For example, Father’s Day is June 21 – but it’s a good idea to start creating some content for this holiday so it can start circulating on Pinterest! 

What to pin in April 2020

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Now let’s get starting chatting through our April ideas! 

At-home ideas 

We’re all pretty much stuck at home lately – social distancing and isolating. So this is the perfect time to create some content around what to do while you’re at home! Do you have a subscription box for kids? Create pins and content that speaks to the parent that needs to keep their kids busy with educational things during this time! 

Another idea is to do a round-up of free resources out there for parents! 

Basically, any content related to doing things at home, keeping busy at home, work out from home ideas, etc. will do really well right now! 

I’d avoid mentioning Coronavirus, social distancing, Covid-19, etc. in your Pinterest graphics. Some platforms are monitoring and actually blocking these types of posts to try to ensure false information is not being spread online. Another reason to avoid these phrases and words is because it makes your content not evergreen. When this all passes (hopefully soon!!!), you’ll still want your content to be re-pinned and clicked on. So try to keep your pins general – focusing on the at-home aspect of it all. 

Here are some ideas for at-home content: 

  • At home date ideas
  • Cleaning hacks/products
  • Work at home tips 
  • Homeschool tips 
  • Homeschooling
  • Homeschool schedule
  • At home workouts
  • Photoshoots at home
  • Anniversary ideas for home
  • Celebrating your birthday at home
  • Virtual date ideas
  • Home gym
What to pin in April 2020

Mother’s Day Ideas 

Do you have a product that is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day? Start pushing out content around that asap! 

Mother’s Day this year is Sunday, May 10. So you’ll want to start marketing for that now. 

Other great Mother’s Day content ideas include: 

  • Gifts for mom
  • Crafts for mom 
  • Cards from kids
  • Mother’s Day gift baskets
  • Gifts for Grandma 
  • Crafts for Grandma 
  • DIY Mother’s Day
  • Virtual gift ideas (Perfect during this time)

Easter Ideas

While we aren’t totally sure if social distancing will be going on during Easter, we can still create content for the holiday. People are still going to create easter baskets and celebrate Easter – just in a new way this year. 

So here are some ideas for your Easter content: 

  • Easter crafts
  • Easter basket ideas
  • Best gifts for Easter
  • Easy Easter ideas 
  • Easter at home
  • Easter cookies
  • Easter dessert 
  • Egg hunts at home
  • Easter decorations
  • Easter games
  • Printables for Easter
  • Virtual Easter party 

Father’s Day 

Father’s day is not until June 21, but I’d still recommend to start creating blogs, products, and pins about it! 

Here are some Father’s Day ideas to pin: 

  • Gifts for dad
  • Gifts for Grandpa
  • Gifts for dad from the kids
  • Crafts for dad from kids
  • Father’s Day printables
  • Father’s Day cards
  • Father’s Day at home
  • Father’s Day photo ideas 

Healthy Meals

At this point, people have been staying home for a while. We’re all getting tired of eating the same things (am I right?). And we’re really missing sitting down at a restaurant. So let’s start creating some content around healthy meal ideas! 

Here are some thought-starters:

  • Healthy meals on a budget 
  • Healthy meals for kids
  • Healthy meals for one
  • Healthy eating ideas
  • Easy healthy eating meals
  • Easy meal planning


Spring is here! And we’re all home. So you know what that means? Gardening is huge right now! 

Here are some content ideas around gardening to pin: 

  • Gardening with kids
  • Gardening for beginners
  • Gardening hacks 
  • Easy garden 
  • Garden tips 
  • Pretty gardens 
  • Small gardens 
  • Backyard landscaping
What to pin in April 2020

Outdoor Activities

As it warms up, people start searching for things to do outside! Now is the perfect time to create some content around getting outside and staying busy (while of course social distancing, too!) 

Here are some ideas: 

  • Outdoor ideas for kids to do 
  • Backyard games
  • Things to do outside
  • Outdoor fire-pit
  • DIY outdoor ideas
What to pin in April 2020

There are some great ideas for what to pin in April. Remember to focus mostly on creating your own content around these topics and after you’ve done that, then start repining other pinner’s content! 

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