Things you should never re-pin

Things you should never re-pin

When you hop onto Pinterest, it’s easy to start pinning everything you see to your boards. But I highly suggest you think through the things you are re-pinning. 

Pinterest values high quality pins and so there are certain pins that you should not re-pin, as this might hurt your account. 

So let’s chat through some of the images you should probably avoid re-pinning to your boards!

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1// Pins with a horizontal ratio 

Pinterest has stated in their “creative best practices” that they recommend using “high-quality, vertical images in a 2:3 aspect ratio.”

Using other ratios, like a horizontal ratio could negatively impact the performance of your pins. Save horizontal images and graphics for facebook.

2// Pins with a Wrong or Broken Permalink

Every pin on Pinterest should lead somewhere. It should be connected to a blog post, website, product listing, or service. If people click on pins that lead them to a wrong URL, they tend to get frustrated. I know this has happened to me and UGH it’s the worst. Especially when the image is something that you’re looking up, or want to buy, or a DIY project and you’re looking for the instructions…. Only to be led to a broken link. So I would refrain from pinning any pins with wrong or broken links. 

3// Pins from other niches than your own

Your Pinterest account and boards should be focused on your niche. The Pinterest algorithm is constantly analyzing your boards and pins to determine if your pinning is relevant. Focusing on your niche and pinning only relevant pins will improve your reach. 

You want to imagine your Pinterest as a magazine. All of the boards and pins you are repining should fit within your “magazine”. Whoever your “dream customer” is should be pinning the same things that you are pinning. So avoid pinning things that are wildly outside of your niche! 

4// Spam or stolen pins 

Pinterest is constantly growing and there will always be people that use a platform in the wrong way. On Pinterest, some people will steal pins (download pins that are not theirs) and change the link to them to benefit their own websites.  Obviously you don’t want to repin stolen or spammy pins as it could negatively affect your reputation as well as further distribute the pin and promote such behavior. 

5// Ugly or boring pins 

Again, you kind of want your Pinterest to be a magazine. A place for people to feel inspired, get ideas, shop your products, etc. So you’ll want to pin high quality, gorgeous images to your boards. This keeps your profile looking nice and eye-catching when someone stumbles on it. Try to avoid dark or blurry pins. 


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