Pinterest Algorithm update: What’s new in 2020

Just like other social media platforms, Pinterest is constantly tweaking and changing their algorithm so their users have the best ultimate experience on there! 

So today let’s talk about the newest changes Pinterest has made and what types of things they are preferring you do on their platform (as of April 2020)!

Relevant pins to the times

It’s April 2020, and we’re in the midst of a global pandemic. This is definitely changing Pinterest is different ways and changing how people use Pinterest. 

Pinterest just announced the ⭐TOP SEARCHES⭐ on their platform over the last couple of weeks. This is HUGE because it allows you to adapt your marketing strategy to exactly what people are searching for. ⠀

So what are people searching for on Pinterest lately? ⠀

?Anything health + wellness – things like at home workouts, bodyweight workouts, mental health tips, self-care at home, and mediation. If you have products or posts regarding health + wellness, PIN THESE ASAP !⠀

?Parenting tips – schools are closed and parents are balancing teaching and work and entertaining their kids all at the same time. People are searching for topics like: home with kids, nature walk with kids, home games for kids, indoor scavenger hunts for kids. ⠀

?Food + Recipes! – People are cooking more and also trying to use the ingredients they have at home to make recipes. Bread recipes are on the rise (using things you have on hand). Searches for yeastless bread recipes are up +4400%. Also banana bread recipes are going crazy, too!⠀

?Personal care tips – we are all having to DIY our personal care. People are searching home hair cuts, homemade eye wax, and DIY manicures and face masks.⠀

??‍♀️SO what should you do with all this new data?? Check through your products, services, and blog posts. Do you already have content around these topics? If so, PUSH these on Pinterest! And start creating new content around these ideas as soon as possible! 

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Fresh is best 

According to Pinterest, fresh is best. In 2020, it’s all about FRESH + NEW content. You should ideally be creating new pins every week. This could mean you are creating new blog posts, products, etc. and then making pins for that content. 

OR it could mean creating pins for existing content already on your site! 

For a pin to be considered “NEW”, it has to have: 

  • a unique image 
  • a different title or font for the text overlay
  • and/or different colors, graphics, or patterns

The more unique the pin is, the better.

You’ll want to create multiple “new” pins for each blog post or product on your site. Newer pins and more relevant pins are what will be showing up in people’s feeds

In addition to creating new pins for existing content, Pinterest also wants NEW content. So yes – definitely create new pins for existing posts and products, but also be consistently creating NEW blog posts and new content for Pinterest! 

Re-pinning is LESS important

Back in the day, re-pinning used to be the jam. But now, Pinterest has recommended much less re-pinning. In fact, they recommend around 15-25 pins per day. 

Pinning more than what’s recommended can hurt your pinterest account. So, the way to counteract that is by re-pinning less and creating fresh content more! There still is strategy to re-pinning other people’s pins, so be sure to check this post out. 

Focus less on group boards, and more on your own boards

Group boards used to be the BEST way to get your pins in front of a bigger audience. But did you know? Pinterest didn’t create group boards with this intention. They were created more so for people to plan an event or collaborate around a particular idea. For example, if you are an interior designer, you would create a group board with your client so you can both pin ideas for your project in there. Group boards kind of became a beast of their own – some group boards even have 10,000+ members in them. Which is SO far from what they were created for. 

So instead of focusing on group boards, focus more on pinning to your own boards. And maybe utilize 1-3 group boards that are IN YOUR NICHE and are effective (not thousands of users). Make sure the group boards you are pinning to are relevant to what your ideal customer is searching for. 

If you are in group boards that are HUGE or titled something very broad like “Pinning for all” or “Blogger pins”, it’s probably time you leave those group boards as pinterest is not putting these as high priorities in the feed. 


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