How to increase your Pinterest Monthly Viewers

By now you’re probably realizing that I love Pinterest, and it just might be my favorite social media platform. Pinterest is not just for pinning your favorite DIY projects and haircut ideas. It can be used for your BUSINESS, and in a HUGE way. People are on Pinterest looking to find things they love, looking for inspiration, and looking to SHOP. 

So today, let’s talk about how to increase your monthly viewers on Pinterest. 

So what are monthly viewers? 

The Pinterest monthly viewers means the average number of people who see your pins each month on the platform. There is also another term used on Pinterest: Monthly Engaged Viewers. The monthly engaged viewers means the average number of people who act on your pins either by clicking on them, saving them, or repining them.

The goal in increasing your monthly viewers is to ultimately get clicks to your website! 

 Here are some of the MUST-HAVE tasks to do to start increasing your monthly viewers.:


SEO stands for “each engine optimized”. Pinterest is actually a search engine. So making your content SEO friendly is a huge part of increasing your monthly viewers on Pinterest. 

The first thing we recommend to do is to CLEAN UP + REVISE your profile. Make sure that you switch to a business account (which is free!) and then make sure to claim your website with Pinterest (this can be done in settings).

The next things you need to do are:

Check your profile photo

Make sure your photo is either your business logo OR photo of your face. 

Check your profile name

A great strategy on Pinterest is to not just have your business name as your profile name, but also include Keywords. Here’s an example of a Productivity Guru. Instead of just putting her business name, she also puts what her business helps with: “productivity and time management tips. That way, when people search for productivity and time management tips, she’ll show up in the search results. 

Check your profile description

Just like how you want to sneak some keywords into your profile name, you can also do that with your profile description. Add as many relative keywords as possible (make sure to add them in complete sentences, though). By doing this, you’re increasing the chances of people finding you and your blog. 


The importance of SEO also applies to each of your boards and pins as well. When you make your Pinterest account for your business, first create about 10 boards with related topics to your business niche. Each board should have a minimum of around 30 pins in it. 

When creating these initial boards, don’t forget to add a description to each of the boards. You’ll want to write these descriptions in complete sentences. 

And you’ll also want to focus on your pin descriptions. By having better pin descriptions, you have more chances to show up when someone searches for something in your pin. Here are some ways to write better pin descriptions: 

  • Write longer descriptions
  • Use keywords in your description that describe the pin 
  • Use a call to action
  • As many details as you can


To get more monthly Pinterest viewers, you’ll want to be sure your pins are the right sizes and that they have a great design to them. To get people to view your pins, they need to be good! So what makes a good pin? 

  • Use high quality images
  • Use fonts you can read 
  • Avoid using more than 3 fonts on a pin 
  • Use text on the pin that HOOKS the viewer (make them need to click through the pin!)


With every blog post, product, or freebie, you should be making multiple pin images. This way you can keep driving traffic to your site in different ways. It helps to create different pins for each post because you’re testing them each out. Sometimes, one pin will go viral over another one for different reasons. By creating multiple pins for the same link, you’ll start to learn what your audience is attracted to and what causes them to click through to something. This is a great way to build up your monthly viewers! 


Rich pins are an additional feature that you have to install on Pinterest. But once it’s set up, rich pins add additional information to your pins which is taken right from your website! 

Rich pins show metadata right on the pin, which gives Pinners a richer experience and increases engagement on the pin. There are 4 types of rich pins: 

  • app
  • article
  • product
  • recipe 

Rich pins add additional information to your pins. Once it’s set up, you don’t have to do anything, it’s automatic! 

Here’s how to set up rich pins.


You’ve probably had your Pinterest account for a while as a personal account. So you might have a lot of irrelevant boards that don’t have much to do with your business. You can delete these boards, or you can hide them! To hide irrelevant boards, just click the pencil sign at the right corner of your board and select “secret”. Your secret boards will be at the bottom of your profile, but only visible by you! 


Create a board that only contains your pins – from your blog, your products, or custom graphics. This board should be titled with your business name and should be the first board on your profile! Now, when someone visits your profile, the first thing they see is your brand board and they’ll know what you’re all about! 


A great strategy for growing your monthly viewers on Pinterest is by creating freebies for your audience! These free downloads can be on your website or blog posts and the ultimate goal is to have someone subscribe to your email list in exchange for the free download. Ideas for free downloads are: 

  • lists
  • checklists 
  • e-books
  • guides
  • templates

Freebies help grow your Pinterest monthly viewers because it makes people click through to your site. Everyone loves a free download and it really sparks people’s curiosity to click through! On your pins, just show a small snippet of what the freebie is and why someone would want to download it! 

So there ya have it! There are a few ways to start growing your monthly viewers on Pinterest. If you need any help at all growing your biz with Pinterest, did you know we offer a Pinterest Management service? We’d love to help you!

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