5 Pinterest tips to grow your blog

Pinterest is such an amazing platform. It never ceases to WOW me when I see how much traffic it brings to our site + our client’s sites. 

It’s our #1 strategy to drive tons of traffic to your blog. With the right Pinterest strategy, you can expect anywhere from 1,000 page views a post up to 50k+ a post! 

Here are 5 tips to grow your blog with Pinterest. 

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Now let’s dive into some tips! Time to get some traffic to those blog posts. 

1// Optimize your images to get more re-pins and clicks 

Having high quality images is so important if you want to get more re-pins and clicks. The ultimate goal for your pins is to get people to click through to your site or blog post. So you’ll want to make sure the image is eye-catching. 

Use high quality photos for your pins. Make sure they are light and bright and are well-composed. 

You’ll also want to make sure your pins are vertical pins. Because 80% of people use Pinterest from their phone, taller images perform better as they fill up the screen more on the phone. A great size to make your images is 1080×1920 (ps: this is the same size as an instagram story). 

An eye-catching pin can sometimes be a pin with multiple images. You can edit multiple photos together to create one, long pin! I always like to include a spot in between the two photos for the TEXT. 

2// Include a call to action in your images and descriptions 

And speaking of text, if you want people to click through the pin to your blog, the text on your pin needs to be A HOOK. Leave them hanging. Leave them wondering. Use a little clickbait, if you know what I mean.

And speaking more of text. Sometimes a great pin only has text. Fill the whole vertical image with text. This is a great way to grab the pinner’s attention!  

OH! And don’t leave the pin hanging. Pinterest lets you write a description for each pin and this is your time to shine. Make sure to give the viewer a reason to head over to your blog. Entice them with your description so they have to click to read more! 

3// Convert your account to a biz account 

I always recommend you do this right away. Converting your Personal Pinterest to a business Pinterest opens the doors to SO much!

Once you convert your account to a biz account, you have access to the analytics of your page. If I were you, I would spend a lot of time here. 

The analytics tell you SO MUCH. 

The first thing I would do is look at your best preforming pins. And by best performing pins I mean out of your content, which pins are getting the most clicks. 

Once you know your best pins. The pins that are driving the most traffic to your site. Now you can recreate those. Make more of that! Analyze those pins and ask yourself, why are those doing so well. Is it the design of the pin? Is it the content that people like? Is it the text on the pin? The images? 

4// Focus on your descriptions 

Each pin has a description below it telling the reader what your pin is about. Typically, for bloggers, your blog title and a little description of your post should be enough.

But, to really maximize your pin’s potential, you have to do more than that. Pinterest actually analyzed over 10,000 pins and they discovered what makes a great pin.

For high engagement your pin needs to be:

  • Helpful – make it easy for pinners to find your pin with a great description. According to Pinterest, helpful pins receive 30% more engagement.
  • Detailed – in a sentence or two explain what your pin is about. Give enough information to entice a pinner to click through to your blog.
  • Interesting – draw on the emotions of the pinner by using fun and catchy words and also speak into their problems. 
  • Actionable – include a call-to-action in your description. Using phrases like, “check out…” or “click to find out more” can generate higher engagement.

5// Create fresh content often 

To drive more traffic to your blog, you need more pins! For each blog post you write, you can create MULTIPLE pins. In fact, we recommend around 5-10 per blog post. The more the merrier, really! Pinterest rewards fresh content, so keep at it! 

When making fresh content for your blog posts, play with the text on your images. Try out different things and see what works better. Try a pin with just text. Try a pin with 2 images stacked on top of each other. Keep trying things. 

Go on Pinterest just a user and notice what pins stand out to you. What pins make you want to click? Make pins like that! 


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