5 awesome tips to beat Pinterest’s algorithm in 2020

In this post, I’ll be covering the best ways to beat Pinterest’s new algorithm! 

5 awesome tips to beat Pinterest’s algorithm in 2020

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5 awesome tips to beat Pinterest’s algorithm in 2020

1// Keywords everywhere 

Pinterest is a search engine. That means people are heading to Pinterest to search for something, to look up an idea, or to find a solution. You’ll need to make sure your boards and pins are SEO optimized. 

When someone searches something on Pinterest, your content will show up for them if you’ve included the right keywords in your content! 

You’ll want to optimize your profile, boards, and pins. This is super important because it’s the way you’ll be found amongst all of the other pinners out there. 

Where should you add keywords? 

  • Pinterest Profile Name 
  • Profile Description 
  • Board Names
  • Boards Descriptions 
  • Pins 
  • Pin Descriptions 
  • Blog Content
  • Blog Post Keywords 

So whatever your pin is about, make sure the keywords are in all of those places above. Make sure to sprinkle in these keywords in complete sentences. 

2// Use Pinterest’s new features

To beat the Pinterest algorithm and show up first for people when they search for your brand or product, you’ll want to use Pinterest’s new features. 

Pinterest adds new features to their platform all of the time! Some new features right now are video pins and carousel pins. 

By using these two new features, you’ll most likely show up ahead of other people because Pinterest is prioritizing these! 

So always be on the lookout for new features they release, and learn them + use them right away! 

3// Add fresh content OFTEN. 

Pinterest always wants new and fresh content on their platform. It wouldn’t be such an awesome platform if people were only always re-pinning other’s pins, ya know? That would get old pretty quick. So keep that in mind when you’re trying to beat the algorithm. 

The way to show up first on Pinterest is by creating NEW content. That means a brand new pin with a new image, description, and link. For every blog post or product you sell, you can (and you should!) be creating 5-10 different pin images. You don’t have to pin these all at once, but rather spread them out over time so Pinterest notices you are uploading fresh content often! 

4// Spend time on the platform 

Pinterest wants people to be active on their platform so they can see the content from pinners, interact on the platform, and see ads. So it’s always a good idea to mess around on the platform for a bit. This could just be scrolling, clicking interesting pins, following a few pinners or boards that interest you, and uploading new pins. 

I know most of you might be thinking… But I don’t have TIME to be messing around on Pinterest. That’s where we come in!

5 awesome tips to beat Pinterest’s algorithm in 2020

5// Visuals are KING. Make your images stand out.

To stand out among the many pinners on Pinterest, you’ll want to use eye-catching images for your pins. 

Make sure your images are vertical. Pinterest recommends a 2:3 aspect ratio. 

Be sure that your images focus on your brand or product so it’s clear what the pin is about! A great strategy to use for product pins is to do a collage of one image on top of another. Use one product photo and one photo of the product in use (like a lifestyle, shot!). These type of pins have a great click-through rate! 

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5 awesome tips to beat Pinterest’s algorithm in 2020