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Social Media Management

We can post on these social media platforms for your brand:

Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter | Linkedin

Our Goal: Boost brand awareness, relationships, and website traffic. Our social media management service will help in growing your brand’s online presence. We’ll make sure to target the interests, behaviors, and demographics of your typical customers. And we’ll make relationships that will help grow engagement.

Process: We’ll develop a social media strategy for your brand. We’ll create a content calendar for scheduling and provide ongoing growth, optimization, and monitoring. 

Social Media Advertising

We can promote your company on the following platforms:

Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Advertising on social media is powerful. We can help your brand reach people based on: 

Email Lists: Our campaigns can specifically run targeted ads to people based on online behaviors, interests, age, income levels, locations, and so much more! 

Website Visitors: We can run ads to those who have visited your site through retargeting. Because average conversions are around 2%, it’s important to retarget to boost your conversion rates. 

Process: After our discovery session, we’ll develop an advertising plan,  run ads, monitor and track, and report. 

Website Development

We can create your website on: WordPress | Shopify | Wix | Squarespace

What you get: Premium website theme, Branding Board, 6 Pages of Customization

Our Process: After we receive the branding board, we get to work right away. You’ll have your site complete within 2-3 weeks. E-commerce website? No problem! 

What you’ll need to do: We’ll guide you through the branding board. Other than that- all you’ll need to do is upload your catalog – but we can help you through that, too!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We can boost your site through SEO.

Keywords, Ranking, Alt Text, Filenames, Meta Data, Google Updates, JSON Micro Data… I know, I know! A bunch of technobabble. We can take care of all of it on your website!

Email Marketing

We can run your email campaigns.

Email marketing isn’t a new thing but it can be a powerful tool in your business! Over 9 billion people use email, check it almost daily, and 3 billion have purchased products and services from emails. 

Our Process: We use a variety of techniques like lead magnets, newsletters, website call-to-actions, ad campaigns, and email marketing software to boost your email marketing efforts. One of our favorite things is creating an email follow up series, which is a series of emails that a new subscriber will receive after they opt in to your list. We also will deploy list maintenance to keep a good list so it’s not marked in spam. 


Funnels & Chatbots

Need some extra growth hacking done? We can:

Build website funnels on the clickfunnels platform. Every business needs a sales funnel to lead a cold audience to purchasing. Unlike a traditional website, which is multi-directional… a funnel is a website that leads someone to make a purchase. The goal is to guide your visitors step-by-step through the entire sales process so they don’t get confused or lost, and leave!

Create chatbots on your website, Facebook page, or Facebook ads. A  chatbot is an ai conversation. With 80% open rates and 35% click through rates, chatbots are the future of connecting with your visitors. We can qualify leads, create promotions, and help facilitate better conversations.

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Content Creation

We can create photos and videos so you can use them on:

Social Media | Digital Advertising | Product Catalog | Conference Banners &Material and more!

Our Process: Send us your products and we take care of the rest. We’ll provide the atmosphere, models, and style to showcase your brand!

What you’ll get: Amazing content! From still photos to dynamic content like stop motion videos, gifs, short videos, to longer videos. 

We can also provide content creation through writing blog posts on your website!


Influencer Marketing

We use a propriety technology that connects to Instagram API to manage our Instagram Marketing for your social media campaigns. Here are some things we do for you with our Influencer Marketing Service:

Evaluate influencer’s stats (followers, engagement rate, average likes per post, and suitability – will they best represent your brand?)

Reach out to influencers, set up collaboration terms, and gather all information for a partnership with your brand.

Monitor the campaign by tracking influencer posts and following up. 

Report campaign results: reach, impression, likes, engagement, and follow growth.

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